CA: Los Angeles

WHERE: Harvey’s Gallery & Showroom, 8155 Beverly Blvd.

WHEN: Thursday, March 8, Refreshments and Canapes 6:00-9:00 pm.

BRIEF ABOUT: Grand Opening, including the first of a series of Contemporary Art Openings to be curated by Tony Clark, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Exhibition features Dan Pyle‘s Masterful Charcoal Drawings and Hal Yaskulka‘s Classically Contemporary Paintings. In addition, the Showroom features the best Art Deco and Mid-Century Furniture and Decor with a large selection of Vintage Rattan Furnishing and Tropical Decor.

MORE DETAILS: Email Tony Clark at or better yet, give the ‘Judge and Jury’ a call at 323.829.2787.

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  1. Chevalier Tony Clark

    I am so honored to curate the works of these two great artists. This will be a very large exhibition that will run through to April 14. However, if you want to RSVP please drop me a confirmation at if you want to attend the Opening Reception March 8th,2012

  2. This should be a fun event. I hope everyone will come join us. I will be debuting my newest drawing & most challenging piece to date. Dan Pyle

  3. I am looking forward to this series of exhibitions. I enjoy the mix of artists that Tony brings together. I had the pleasure of being one of those artists in a series of successful Phantom shows in Long Beach, and had made several new art friends in the process. j.Reto

  4. Dr. Monty Hill

    Individually the pieces Chevalier Tony Clark has curated are stunning. The collection is a visual banquet.

  5. Ken Sherman

    This looks like a fine show coming up. Thanks for sending the information about it. Tony Clark only puts himself behind first-rate work so I’ll be sure to attend.

  6. I’ve seen both of these artists previous works. From a distance, and even up close you will be convinced that Dan’s work is a photograph. Upon close scrutiny you are amazed at his incredible fine detail work with charcoal. Hal’s work is amazing as well. He is a true modern master. I can’t wait to see their newest works.

  7. Looking forward to it. Sounds terrific! Can’t wait to see the exhibit and the store.

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