AK: Anchorage

Tim Remick, "#12. After 54 years: 20,320 feet: 14 days," high-density resin coated pigment print, 2010, 44” x 57.

WHERE: Anchorage Museum

WHEN: On view through April 15, 2012.

TITLE: After: Portraits from Denali

BRIEF ABOUT: New solo exhibition by Anchorage artist Tim Remick who photographed the emotionally and physically ravaged mountain climbers mere moments after they stumbled into Mt. McKinley’s base camp.

     Twenty large-format portraits are nearly 5 feet tall, heightening the drama of every hard-won blister and wrinkle, every haunted eye and guarded grimace. Remick says, “I really wanted to have a single frame at the end of the experience that caught the exhaustion, the adrenaline, the emotion. The goal was to summarize the whole climb with a single image.”

     As also a climber, Remick’s 2002 McKinley summit attempt was ended by stormy weather, but his firsthand knowledge of the mountain, he believed the moment he wanted to capture would be lost by the time the climbers flew to Talkeetna. So he set up at base camp with a large format 4×5 camera for several weeks during the 2008 and 2010 climbing seasons, capturing climbers while they were still raw from the grueling experience. Chief Curator Julie Decker  says, “The photos are direct, detailed and instantly descriptive, providing a compelling narrative for a place and an activity that few experience.”

MORE DETAILS: www.anchoragemuseum.org or call Sarah Henning at 907.929.9231.

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