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"Leatherlips" by Ralph Helmick was installed in Scioto Park in 1990. This limestone sculpture was the first commissioned artwork of the Dublin Art in Public Places program and visitors can hear the artist describe his motivation for creating by calling 614.763.3100.

WHEN: On view 24 hours per day, anywhere phone service can be accessed, whether from a landline at home or via cell phone while viewing the artworks.

TITLE: Dublin Art in Public Places Cell Phone Tour

ABOUT: The tour encompasses Dublin’s large-scale commissioned artworks and those acquired through the three-year Titration on-loan exhibition series. The cell phone tour is expected to re-introduce longtime residents to artworks that are part of the local landscape, while educating visitors and newer residents about what the artworks represent, the artists who created them and the stories they have to tell. 

     Aside from Leatherlips by Ralph Helmick in the photo, others are: Out of Bounds by Lloyd Hamrol-614.763.3101, Avery Park; Field of Corn (with Osage Orange Trees) by Malcolm Cochran-614.763.3102, Frantz Park; Rec Center Relief Sculptures by Andrew F. Scott and David Bamber-614-763-3103, Dublin Rec Center, Coffman Park; Jack Nicklaus tribute sculpture by  Jeffrey Varilla and Anna Koh-Varilla-614.763.3104,  Muirfield Rd. median; Watch House by Todd Slaughter-614.763.3105, Coffman Park; Going, Going … Gone! by Don Merkt-614.763.3106,  Darree Fields Park; One Step at a Time by  Candyce Garrett-614.763.3108, Kaltenbach Park; Narrow #5 by Shawn Morrin– 614.763.3109, Coffman Park; Injection by David Middlebrook-614.763.3110, Coffman Park; Exuvia by Todd Smith-614.763.3112, Coffman Park; Sanguine Standing Stone and Jaunty Hornbeam by Joseph Wheelwright-614.763.3115, Dublin Arts Center; and The Simulation of George M. Karrer’s Workshop by Brower Hatcher-614.763.3116, Historic Dublin.                                                                                                                                                                      

MORE DETAILS: Janet Cooper at 614.889.7444 or see: www.dublinarts.org.


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