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Making Leaf Sun Prints

     This is a fun technique that leads to a lot of creativity.

     Tape a piece of watercolor paper to a board; hot pressed works best. Then spray the paper with water.

     Drip, pour or brush on watercolors. I suggest two-three colors to maintain freshness. Lay leaves on the wet paper in a pleasing pattern and gently press down. Salt can be sprinkled around the leaves for added texture. Place paper in bright sunshine. You may need to put small stones on top of the leaves if it is breezy.

     Leave in sun until paper is dry. Remove leaves and brush off salt. The painting may be left as it is or you can cut up in sections to create note cards or bookmarks. Placing a small matt over various sections of the dried paper helps me to make mini compositions.

     The results often lead to expanding your imagination. For example, I studied a 4 x 6 in. print and spotted an arrangement of leaves that looked like bird wings. All I had to do was use a black marker to complete the bird.

     BEWARE – Once you start this technique, it is hard to stop.

By Pat Rayman, Paint Box Section/How-Do-It dept.

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  1. What a great idea, and those results are amazing! I hope I get a chance to try that TODAY. Thanks so much for sharing!

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