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At the beginning of her book “New Creative Collage Techniques,” Nita Leland says, “Collage is like an amusement park with something for everyone…Anyone can do it, regardless of age or skill level.”  Indeed, after reading this colorful, exciting book, you may find yourself “hooked on collage.” 

     This book contains a wealth of easy-to-understand information and beautiful illustration.  Every page is rich with goodies, including step-by step pictures of projects from start to finish, descriptions and photographs of materials and techniques, and plenty of gorgeous collages by over 60 artists. 


"Urban Jungle" 8.5 x 11 in. collage by Kay Sluterbeck

    “New Creative Collage Techniques” starts with a brief, informative overview of the origins of collage, provides an illustrated glossary of terms, and then launches into a series of projects, beginning with quick, simple methods and slowly moving into more complex techniques, expanded materials, and unique ideas.

     The book is more than just a collage-how-to.  It includes clear instructions on making your own creative pieces to add to collages, including crystalline free forms, acrylic appliqués, monotypes, and more.  It also tells how to make customized paper, embossing, texturing, and marbling.  The basic tenets of art and composition are described as well, making this a great reference book for almost any artist . 

     The book’s spiral binding allows it to lie flat on your work surface, allowing quick and easy reference while you’re working on a project.  Lists of materials and concise, understandable numbered steps make it easy to understand each project.  Helpful tips are included throughout the book.  Most importantly, the reader is always encouraged to relax, be flexible, and enjoy the process of creating art.  Leland notes, “The element of surprise is part of the fun — and challenge — of collage.”

     “New Creative Collage Techniques” is not just a collage instruction book — it’s also a handy reference guide for a number of creative art techniques.  It’s a great addition to any artist’s library.

Review by Artist-Writer Kay Sluterbeck

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