Simon´s ´Dream´ is history in the making

     It has been said many of times and in many ways, but I remain completely confident we never forget our first loves; those which become so deep-rooted in the fabric of our self–we just can let them go, regardless where we are in our so-far life travels. For me and to this day, Barbra Streisand´s voice and her movies have been the mortar by which I access professional performing greatness. With her joins another artist, one huge talent that makes the ivories sing with acoustical greatness, for Peter Nero´s music is a constant “Summer of 42” reminder on why-well one of the whys, I said I Do. Now I can add another to my list. I find her voice is timeless and when she belts “Amazing Grace” – my ears records an oratorical masterpiece that overwhelms and places me in a state of peace, an under siege calmness, an unconditional surrender to perfection. The voice of Susan Boyle on her album, “I Dreamed A Dream” audiologically illustrates her human endowment, and thusly as well as later in her life, being recognized for being born to greatness. The only question I have for Sony Music is: When does the movie come out?

Review by Ben Rayman

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