Her daisies are natural wonders

Creativity is not limited to painting, photography, and ceramics or sculpting. Having the ability to transform any idea into a stimulation of the senses can be considered an art form.  Dance, mechanics, building and even baking that delivers intrigue, joy, or sensuous pleasure by a master of the skill will add artistic flavor to any type of media.

     Take a simple baking recipe for example.  You could put five people in a kitchen and ask them to prepare the same recipe, using the exact same ingredients.  Every single dish will come out looking and tasting differently.  Art is not just learning how to do something well but using individual flair and style to make unique. 

     Kim Nelson found herself in front of the panel of Shark Tank (http://youtu.be/AVM-RuLh2KI) to present her talent for baking.  Hoping to find financial backers to market her cakes was the goal.  The show brought national attention this small start-up business in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and with any beautiful painting, the attraction is not entirely so much the finished product; moreover, of the artist behind the work.

     The business, Daisy Cakes was started from old family recipes that used no preservatives, no dyes or chemicals, only natural ingredients.  The mouth-watering taste of carrot cake, red velvet cake and lemon cake were the recipes of Kim’s two grandmothers, Miss Nellie and Miss Nervilee plus her great Aunt Daisy.  There were no secret ingredients included in the batter but for some reason, they could make the best cakes you ever ate.  They taught Kim how to bake the old fashioned way and she could not help but want to share the cakes with the entire world.

     Kim did get a backer but not due only to the delicious texture and taste of her product.  Nelson possessed a quality often found in the art world, one of desire, creativity and a certain element of individuality.  Together with her two grandmothers, Daisy Cakes is off to becoming a national brand name.  The excitement of providing the public with excellence in baking will no doubt deliver more products in the future.

     A new product called Luscious Lemon Curd is headed to grocery stores and wonderful cakes are available online, which are packed and shipped in dry ice, and truly a special treat that will be ready to savor in its natural freshness – just out of the oven!

     The art of baking is alive and well in many communities across the country.  The zeal and drive to promote this media form will continue to blossom with individuals like Kim Nelson pursuing the cause. Here is your paid ticket to this culinary artist – www.ilovedaisycakes.com.

Editor’s note: For the pdf print version – www.scribd.com/arttoartpalette

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