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     Author Melody Carlson creates such believable characters; I could actually feel their trials and triumphs, such as in “Christmas at Harringtons” where Lena is penniless and down on her luck, but when she receives the gift of a red coat, wonderful changes happen, opening her world to new opportunities.

     Carlson’s words flow from one page to the next in a simplistic manner and before you know it, you have reached the end of the book and still want it to go on and on.

     Another book, “Angels in the Snow,” artist Claire escapes to a mountain cabin for comfort after the deaths of her husband and son. Thinking she is alone, Claire takes walks in the woods and discovers two sets of footprints in the snow. Each day, she encounters the same footprints as she ventures further from the cabin. Questioning where the footprints are coming from, Claire slowly returns to her painting to discover her world is changing.

     Both books are not only heartwarming, but also readings that concentrated on the human spirit, and what I liked the best were the protagonists and how this author depicted extraordinary deeds performed by average people.

     I look forward to reading another book by Melody – can’t wait!

Review by Pat Rayman

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