A global revival in my homeland

     As you are leaving Beverly Hills, you know instantly that you are entering the Creative City: West Hollywood by the large bronze sculpture garden that runs down the medium as a ‘Welcoming Gate’ to the land of wonder.

     It is consistent that the City of West Hollywood would be a part of the global tread of renaissance of the Bronze Gardens that are popping up all over the world, which has become a form of collecting for them. Once again, this tradition of bronzes in public spaces is reborn to create private and shared worlds.

     Through the vision of Cultural Affairs Administrator, Andrew Campbell, the City of West Hollywood’s “Art on the Outside” program is hosting seven monumental scale abstract sculptures from world-renowned contemporary artists running through June 2012.

     Located along the grassy median of Santa Monica Boulevard between Doheny Drive and Almont Drive, this artistic gateway to West Hollywood provides visitors and residents alike with engaging and innovative artwork. These bronzes  are by: Andrew Rogers, Robert Ressler, Bruce Lindsay,  Emilie Benes Brzezinski, Peter Voulkos, Herk Van Tongeren and Mike Gyampo.

     The exhibition is the result of a collaborative agreement between the City and the Sculpture Foundation, an international not-for-profit organization that owns the collection of sculptures. The “Key” is collaboration in the arts and arts organizations to make installations possible.

     When you are in the region, I encourage you to see this wonderful assortment of artworks, from the Watts Towers to West Hollywood throughout the entire county.

By Tony Clark

Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres

Editor’s note: The above ‘TCR’ was originally published 08-03-11 – it is being republished in our end of the year news series.

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  1. Gina Jones

    When it comes to reporting on the visual and performing arts in my “wh homeland” region, I am finding your previous writing as well as this one to be inviting reads. On the other hand, I also laud the City for their “Art on the Outside” program.

  2. It is always a pleasure to see and be involved with this wonderful city, it’s officials, staff and appreciative residents. Keep the guiding light.

  3. Tony what a great project and the City Of West Hollywood should be proud of what you have brought to them to make the city look good.


    Randy Fuhrman

  4. Tony, glad you started writing about WH art events. It is very important for people to notice and appreciate those beautiful scultures along Santa Monica Boulevard. Hope City of West Hollywood will continue to support the Arts. We applyed for a little grant to support our project too.

    with love

  5. I love the public outdoor art that LA, WH and Beverly Hills offer.

  6. I have the pleasure of being able to drive by these sculptures every day and they are wonderful! Their scale and proportion to the space is perfect. There have been many art projects in this area over the years, and I have noticed many more people gathering and walking through these pieces than ever before. It is like they are calling for people to come to them. They are wonderful. Thanks Andrew for all your hard work making this happen, and to Tony for telling us about it!

  7. I love this exhibition! Its by far the most interesting work that has been shown in the outdoor space! It is beautifully curated and placed in a manner that not only shows the art in its best light but also makes it easy for passing drivers to see the work.
    West Hollywood is becoming the art destination! With the amazing murals on the new library and these wonderful sculptures, we are well on our way to being the art city of Los Angeles once again!

  8. This new exhibition is a contrast to the Shire art works. It is good to see the varied and complex through the eyes of the artist. I love this exhibition as much as I loved Peter’s. ox Donna

  9. Jason Jenn

    It’s indeed a fantastic corridor – and having artwork along the passage makes not only for a more scenic drive, but indeed informs all that the region is focused on the arts. The bronzes look stunning!

  10. Geo. G.

    Tony Thank you for posting and writing about the Arts events in West Hollywood . These works look fantastic.. Can’t wait to see them in person next week..

  11. Tony – thank you for raising awareness on the arts in Weho! Building community through art is a noble things – THANKS! 🙂

  12. Thanks for getting this wonderful information out about our arts programming in West Hollywood. Don’t know if you were aware, but West Hollywood was recently named California’s most walkable city – and to no small extent is that due to the interesting visual environment we’ve created here, including our public art exhibits along the medians. So I’d like to encourage everyone to come to West Hollywood, take a stroll down the median and enjoy some of our pedestrian-friendly culture!

  13. Mary Miller

    Having worked in the past with The Sculpture Foundation, I’ve seen similar events where they bring notable artwork into communities for everyone to enjoy.  The Foundation Curator, Paula Stoeke, has a strong eye for placement and aesthetics.  This show is exceptional, and, it is good to know it will be here with us for a year.

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