Following a Dream

     Artists seem to have two things in common: Knowing that there is only one path in life to follow and not being afraid to fail.  If you ask any seasoned painter, photographer, musician or other artist, you will find disappointment somewhere along the line.  Josiah Bryan has been a professional photographer for two years but the word ‘failure’ never seems to enter his mind.

     Bryan has not received any type of formal training, however what his parents gave him could never compete anyway. “Growing up, my parents taught me drawing, composition, and other basic aspects of art. This formed the basis for a visual appreciation of the way things appear, both in the two-dimensional medium of photography and the every-day 3D world around us,” says Bryan.

     His father was a pastor and bouncing from state to state was not unusual as he grew up.  Most of Bryan’s formative years are remembered in North Dakota, 30 minutes from the Canadian border.  Although not attracted to coloring books or paints at an early age, Josiah remembers a probing little voice in his mind that constantly emphasized how particular moments just had to be preserved. 

     Using a configuration of a Nikon D90 camera with an 18-105/f3.5-5.6 lens and a SB-600 flash, Bryan serves as a photographer for the Winchester News Gazette on local events and stories of interest in and around Union City, Indiana.  He also has business clients such as Nordic Wind Power, Lux Design and the City of Union City, Indiana in addition to on demand weddings, senior pictures and other gala events.

     Josiah explains his love of photography.  “I enjoy shooting abstract or “close-up” photos that give the viewer a different view on the subject than that which they normally or usually see, exploring the hidden meanings and unique perspectives hidden in everyday subjects.”

     Although Bryan has found his passion and a distinct plan in moving forward with photography, other artistic ventures keep him busy.  He is working on a novel and toying with the idea of writing a children’s book and incorporating his photography.  Piano playing and calligraphy are also relaxing displays of his many artistic abilities. 

     Josiah Bryan is well on his way to making a name for himself.  In the short time that Bryan has been a professional photographer, he has placed 1st in “Night Shots” category and best of show in the two competitions he has been in.  In addition, the Arts Depot in Union City invited Josiah to present a solo photography show this past January.

     Asked about future desires, Bryan was quick to respond, “I want to show you what I see, I want to find a unique view, to discover the hidden beauty or show you the message that the subject is trying to tell you.”

     Josiah lives in Union City with his wife Ashley and two-year-old Fox Terrier, Lilly.  For more on his work or to schedule a shooting, visit his website at  This is a young man to follow in the future as he works toward his goal and follows his dream.

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