An artist of many dimensions

Music has been a strong influence and inspiration for Todd Williamson in the creation of his works. It started with the local church music of his childhood and later it would be the great orchestral and vocal works that he enjoyed as he grew into manhood in the U.S. and Europe.

     Todd did his undergraduate work at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was Fine Arts major with a minor in Vocal Performance and English. Very early in his life he realized that he could not isolate visual art from other media and influences in his life. Using as a base he would create paintings that all have a preparation of blue gesso that gives forth more light than white. His technique is to use a straight edge in oil paint to create lines of distinction. These equi-spaced lines can be bars for music or lines waiting to be filled with words that will communicate the universality of arts. Then he comes back in to ‘pull the sounds from the compositions’.  This was the body of work that set the style for his first solo exhibition/performance.

     Todd wanted to create ten canons based on his paintings this exhibition; therefore he went to Zurich, Switzerland to collaborate on the project with composer and lyrist Greg Walter, who had synesthesia, a condition that gives him the ability to see colors translating these into specific sounds or tones. The finished production was received with great acclaim. You can experience a three minute sample at:

     Little did Williamson know this would be a launching pad for an intellectual journey that would culminate in studies of Fine Arts in UCLA, throughout Europe and Asia.

     This road to scholarship and exhibition continued in 2005 as a visiting artist with the Skopelos Foundation in Greece. While there, Williamson became familiar with the Greek classics in literature, visual and performing arts. His paintings have a sense of still drama as do the Grecian artifacts in the great museums of Athens.

     Williamson was invited to both the American Academy of Roma and the Scuola Internazionale di Venezia in Venice, Italy as a visiting artist. From the Papal illuminated books to the Venetian skies, one can see the strong influence on his works. He took this wealth of history and classicism into his own contemporary style, and through his marriage of various media, led him to numerous grants and awards: the Pollock Krasner Foundation Grant: Artistic Tribute Award – City of Naples, Italy; Curators Choice Award “Spectrum” Micro Museum, New York; and a featured artist at the Louise Bourgeois Artist Salon, New York. If not the latter, his celebrity and exhibitions have propelled him internationally, such as exhibiting in Tokyo, Naples, Milan, Montreal, Paris, Shanghai and Beijing.

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By Tony Clark, Chevalier dans l’Ordre des arts et des Lettres.




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  1. susan woods

    I have followed Todd’s career for many years now and find him to be an amazingly, gifted talent. I cherish the piece that I have of his…and always look forward to seeing his new work.

  2. Wow, never got the correlation between the linear ties to sheet music and sound. Great article. I will most likely see Todd’s work in a different way next time I see an opening or one of his pieces around Los Angeles.

  3. Nicholas James

    Todd is such an accomplished and incredible artist. I never imagined an artist could so gracefully combine colors, sounds, and tones and turn them into a beautiful piece of art.

  4. I have had great success placing Todd’s work in clients homes. It seems to bring such happiness and joy to a room, and my clients are always so excited when they choose one of his paintings. The work has great depth and makes every room really come together!

  5. Todd’s work is so amazing. I have loved it since I came across his work about a year ago in Los Angeles. Just can’t wait to have a piece of my own. I have had the pleasure of spending some time with him discussing his work. From one artist to another…..he is amazing!!! Cory Savage –

  6. Reed Christian

    Brilliant works from a brilliant artist. Todd’s talents bring an amazing blend of the arts and speak to all who have hearts to hear.

  7. His work is fresh and love the color. A person to be watching.

  8. Robert Burnside

    The true artist is able to imbue the work with what can be termed the “auratic” quality; literally embedding the work with his aura or in a spiritual sense giving it energy. This is what gives art the sense of vibrating, shimmering, and even ethereal movement. Todd’s work possesses this sense of movement and vitality and due to his uplifting aura, his work uplifts those around it. This is the energetic power of not only artists, but the shaman who created magical, sacred objects. It’s profound and real although most don’t think of this spiritual power unfortunately in our overly commercialized and secular world.

  9. Ejaz Christilano

    a true visionary!

  10. Steve Burtch

    Get ’em Todd!

  11. Michael Chill

    I have always appreciated different forms of art, but to have them so seamlessly intertwined brings a dimension that fascinates as well as it captivates. Mr. Willamson’s talent is a synthesis of modern and classical and I look forward to seeing more of his work.

  12. Dr. Monty Hill

    The inspiration of using the blue color of creation and chaos against the precise structure of an engineered world is brilliant.

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