Duo putting vision to the test


(PNAN) – Joel Barker states that Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference. A positive action through the vision of film is what Romanian Producer Daria Trifu and Italian Director Bruno Pischiutta hope to bring to the world with their Transylvania film company. Living in Canada they produce films all around the world such as North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

    They are a duo whose vision is to film with a cause for the greater good, without the use of violence. For them the causes range in everything from pollution to racism and discrimination. They wish to show the film industry and the world that their type of film making can be as commercially viable as any film on the market. It is a vision that is close to reality with Punctured Hope, a film regarding the barbaric practices of genital mutilation. This movie was a contender for Toronto’s 2010 Academy Award in two categories: Best Film Expose and Best Film on Human Rights of 2009. “Punctured Hope is a very important film as this film is the way to express ourselves and how our films will live after us: they are our legacy,” Pischiutta declares.  It is through their visions that Trifu has also been nominated for the 2011 CNN Hero Award.

    However, they are not resting on accolades as they await the outcome of this decision. They are currently in Brasov, Romania for the next 6 months founding the Brasov Film Center, which they hope will become a major force in the film industry for the area. With current a €10,000,000 contract from a very reputable German institution and $10,000,000 line of credit from a Los Angeles brokerage firm, they are well on their way to establishing their vision. Through the Brasov Film Center, a documentary of Brasov is currently being filmed. This documentary is scheduled to be distributed internationally to television and movie theatres, plus made available on the DVD market. In addition a feature movie titled, Abused in America, is being filmed with over 90 actors from across the world.

    This legacy of positive action in film carried by Trifu and Pischiutta has opened up to other film visionaries as well. The Brasov International Film Festival and Market is scheduled to open upon the release of ‘Abused’ in July of 2012 and will screen both Hollywood films as well as independent films with only a single commonality: nonviolent content.

    If you are interested in Rallywood, a term coined by Daria Trifu, see www.rollywood.org.

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