OH: St. Marys

WHERE: OHIO: St. Marys, Arts Place, Collective Center.

WHEN: Through September 27, 2011.

TITLE: Marjorie Stienecker Originals

BRIEF ABOUT: At opening, an artist’s reception will be from 7:00-9:00 pm. Born and raised in St. Marys, Ohio, Marjorie studied for two years at Capital University in Social Work and Parish Work and since her childhood, she has always carried a love of the arts and began her art career with a gift of oil paints from her children when they were in elementary school. She began by copying landscapes, however her painting was interrupted by work at Goodyear for 25 years, however shortly before retirement, she began taking classes in Van Wert, Ohio.

MORE DETAILS: Call Heidi Meade at 419.394.0707 or email: hmeade@artsland.org.


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