The fallen and the raw given new faces

     (AAPNW-OH) – Opening Sunday, July 10 at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus, a dual exhibition will feature wood in a variety of forms. The first show, “National Treasures: Art in the Making” is comprised of objects by artists who created their work using wood reclaimed from historic sites. The second, “Boxes and Their Makers” explores the box form, featuring works from over 30 artists from the United States, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Japan and the United Kingdom.

"Bob"by J. Christiansen, figured maple, wenge, brass, photo Will Simpson

      In the ‘Art in the Making’ accompanying catalog, Kevin Wallace, director of the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts in Ojai, California wrote, “The individuals featured in this exhibition have always shown tremendous reverence for the material they work in, but have now been entrusted with wood from trees that are tied to the very heart of American history.” Of the 20 artists in the show, which also includes Trent Bosch, Mark Lindquist, Bonnie Klein, Binh Pho and David Ellsworth, Wallace adds, “The works display the signature approach of each individual artist, while reflecting the origins of the wood and a nation’s shared histories.”

     For ‘Boxes’ exhibit, viewers won’t find square boxes on display; moreover, a grasshopper, bird and even an iron. “The makers of these boxes didn’t go into their workshops because there was a shortage of containers in the world,” said Executive Director at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Peter Korn, but “rather they went into their workshops on voyages of creative exploration—to transform raw materials into expressive objects.”

      On Sunday, August 21 from 1:00-4:00 pm, this closing reception will feature guest speakers, William Jewell, curator of ‘National Treasures’ and founding director of Historical Woods of America at 1:30 pm and at 3:00 pm, Dr. Oscar Fitzgerald, who is one of the curators of ‘Boxes’ as well as the former director of the Navy Museum in Washington, D.C., will also be signing his latest book, “New Masters of the Wooden Box” during the reception. Currently, he is a faculty member of the Smithsonian Institution/Corcoran School Master’s Program in the Decorative Arts.

     For more on this event, call 614.486.4402 or see:

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