A paradise of naturalness

The foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains provide a surreal backdrop of nature’s finest as you arrive at Blackberry Farms. Freshly prepared food that is grown in the area’s rich fertile soil is the subject at hand and is worked and processed into an exquisite dining experience.  The lineup of artists that begin with nothing but whatever Mother Nature lends will show you how perfect harmony is created from a love of this land. 

     The team of gardeners, beekeepers, butchers and cheese-makers are no ordinary bunch, frankly because they are knowledgeable and experienced in their perspective trades.  The chefs are some of the finest in the country and together, they bring you the most tantalizing taste in freshly grown foods that you could imagine.  Livestock of chickens, sheep and pigs are another facet of the operation to provide meat and cheeses without chemicals or preservatives.

Chef Feathers

     Corporate Chef Josh Feathers from Tennessee has extensive experience in the preparation and presentation of culinary arts as learned from initial training in Naples, Italy.  The culture of the Italians and their passion for food inspired him to become the best in taste and creativity.  Using his knowledge of great Italian cuisine was further utilized as a Sous Chef for the Commander-in-Chief of Southern Forces in Europe.  Feathers intricate style has been with Blackberry Farms for over nine years and visitors continue to be intrigued with the exceptional quality of meals.

Chef Lenn

     Joseph Lenn is Executive Chef of The Barn where everything from wine cellars to creameries and butcher shops can be found.  Knowing that each process is perfected and available to him in food preparation, gives motivation to each multi-course menu he creates.  Trained at Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Charleston, South Carolina, after learning grades and cuts of meat in a butcher shop, helped Lenn’s appreciation of natural foods and how they can all work together.  A meticulously prepared meal using the right flow of tastes and textures is an art that few possess but set to ease through Chef Lenn.

     There are over 300 employees of Blackberry Farm that work harmoniously to provide the best experience possible during your stay.  Unique activities include Epicurean events, cooking schools, tours of the farm, in addition to accommodations and relaxing fresh air adventures.

A glimpse of a couple natural delights - French Toast with berries and bananas and a Housemade Pastrami with Braised Red Cabbage sandwich.

     For more information on how you can book your reservations, including a complete view of what is all available at this paradise of naturalness, you must  see www.blackberryfarm.com.  This is a great way to put the pressures of everyday life behind you and take home festive ideas for your own natural way of cooking.

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