Victoria! Victoria! to ‘role’ again

     (PNAN-USA) –  The steps in becoming an actor takes much more than ‘I can do that’ confidence, however to achieve one’s rightful place on the marquee, in order to not lose it, he/she must continue to use it, as well as following a lifetime path of academic classes or ‘dress rehearsal’ workshops, and Victoria Aitken is one who is relentless in telling the tale of truth as she portrays the human reactions to life events such as, love and loss, death, abuse, public disgrace or riches to rags.

     Regardless of Aitken’s roles, to name just a few in such films, “When Evil Calls,” (2006) a ‘mini’ horror flick where she plays Jane, a high school student who receives her wish; “A Private View” (2010) as Raisa; or “Beyond the Fire” (2009) as Amy; she will be adding another ‘notch’ to her growing filmography with “Abused in America” where she plays an art teacher, according Producer Dari Trifu of Adhara Properties. “The film production stages and various other aspects will start during February 7th week.”

     When it comes to communication, aside from English, Victoria is fluent in Russian, German, French and Serbo-Croatian, which accounts for the other sides of this multi-talent, as a songwriter her music like, “Sunshine”, “Daisy”, “Flirt in a Skirt”, “I’ll Be Your Bitch”, “Vicky from the Yacht,” are or have already garnered a high ranking on various pop and dance charts.

     The days of being discovered, in a Brooklyn or West Hollywood corner café, or even in one of those wonderful small town community theaters are thoughts, if not dreams of those who aspire to spellbound thousands as they speak the words with tongue and body as they give that character life on the big silver screen. Victoria Aitken would probably agree with these unknown author words, “Life isn’t about how you survived the storm, but it is about how you danced in the rain!”

    To learn more about this actor-songwriter, see and to keep abreast on “Abused in America” as it moves through its various stages,

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