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  1. Jason Jenn’s theatrical production is truly a tribute to one of the greatest poets and profound thinkers of the 20th century. His words are as vital and thought-provoking as the day he wrote them. It is no wonder that Jackie Onassis requested that the poem, “Ithaca” by Constine Cavafy be the only words spoken at her furneral. Come enjoy this masterpiece in its encore and farewell performance.

  2. What a beautiful theatrical performance by Jenn and cast! Don’t miss a chance to see it this May 7 at Affinity Galleries at 216 Promende in Long Beach – curtain time is 6:00 pm.

  3. Jason absorbs every character whom he portrays, and the audience is ALWAYS impressed. I speak from experience:-) Go Jason!

  4. I only knew Jason briefly before I saw his performance and knew nothing about Cavafy. Yes, I was ready to be bored. Oh my gosh! Jason was magnificent! His ability to immediately captivate his audience caught me off guard. His original presentation had me hanging on every word and dare I say, it I had to hide tears twice. He was so powerful in weaving together this performance. The minimalist staging was perfect as Jason used every bit of it to enhance rather than dominate his presentation. I was impressed. I look forward to his next staging.

  5. Jason Jenn gives an impassioned performance that draws you in and brings the wonderful words of Cavafy to life here and now — and we are lucky to have front row seats!

  6. This performance was incredible! I wasn’t familiar with Cavafy’s poetry before and I was most impressed with how it was woven together to tell a story. The details may be different than our own, but the trajectory is one we all share. This is a must-see!

  7. This is a wonderful piece about Cavafy which chronicles his life with his own words. It is structured as an interplay between Cavafy and himself, performed with simmering intensity by the creator and lead player, Jason Jenn. The dance of words forms a solid structure which hones you in and enables the viewer a sweetly smoldering vision of Cavafy’s powerful and passionate view of the world.

  8. Mike Fahy

    If you have a feeling for poetry, if you look for beauty to make enrich your life and find beauty in connecting your life with others, you must go! You will regret it later if you do not. Jason Jenn gives a 4-star performance and his play woven of Cavafy’s poems are exceptional. By the magnificent ending, I felt I had known Cavafy and was now connected to a great soul. This is a theater event that will live lovingly in your thoughts and feelings for a long time.

  9. This theatrical production by Jenn just shows the many and varied works of art that Affinity Galleries offers the public, with not only a sense of adventure and imagination, but also bridging the gamps among the many genres on a universal platform. Bravo!

  10. Where can I purchase the video?

  11. Thank you so much for making this clip available and sharing it with us. I enjoyed the performances thoroughly!!

  12. This could be made into a magnificentt short film, a dream like stroll through Cavafy’s life folding out at the viewer from inside his writings.

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