She is on a ‘yellow brick’ road

     After Tufts University in Boston, where she majored in Music, International Relations and Russian and East European studies and with a minor in Philosophy, Julia Torgovitskaya performed dozens of recitals, including the concert stage circuit. Born Russian and raised in Los Angeles, California, Julia lives and breathes the beauty of opera. In addition to English and Russian, she also speaks four more languages, French, Italian, German and Spanish. One would wonder with all those many rich talents, if Julia will realize them all in her lifetime. As the cliché goes – “time will tell” – and so far the current visual signs show she is on that ‘yellow brick’ road.  

     Torgovitskaya has also been privileged to study and perform with Ann Baltz, who holds the fiercely acclaimed training program, OperaWorks.  Her dedication to the field has landed Julia several noted appearances: Songfest as Zerlina in Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Sonia in Lehar’s The Merry Widow, to name a few.

     One of Julia’s rising achievements has been with the creation of iCadenza, a website uniting a community of artists and agents, museum lovers and concertgoers.  The mission behind iCadenza is to re-surge the performing arts through social media, new technologies and other online resources.  Careers in music, acting, writing and dancing now have a chance to express their talents to the world and meet up with people looking for their individual skills.

     According to Julia and business partner, Jennifer Chernick, iCadenza had to be done. They knew thousands of hidden artists go through life without a chance at promoting their talents, just was not acceptable to them.  Jennifer, a pianist and a Stanford organizer, uses her abilities to seek out the brightest artists and introduce them to the benefits of finding a chance with iCadenza.

     Google was interested in taking on the idea to incorporate within their growing social network, but the partners decided to go it alone. They felt by turning over the idea to a conglomerate, the purpose might be lost.  But iCadenza is becoming a fascinating site where artists, managers, agents and fans are brought together on a single platform and growing every day. 

     Awesome interviews with conductors, famous opera singers, Hollywood legends and pianists are also part of iCadenza’s knowledge base.  Favorites include Elizabeth Futral, coloratura soprano, Martin Katz, collaborative pianist and coach and esteemed dancer and actor Dick Van Dyke.  Live interviews with Composer Juan J. Colomer, Cellist Daniel Rothmuller and Pianist Anne Marie Fanselau, plus a host of other celebrities can be found by going to  Julia conducts the interviews and is excellent in presenting the best of each artist while finding out new and exciting facts.

     Although Julia Torgovitskaya has quite a bit on her plate, she seems to be handling everything very well.  Visit her website at for upcoming performances as well as tune in on her videos for a ‘taste’ of her operatic voice.

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