The Color of Experience

     George Gallo´s film, “Local Color” has taken the word riveting and has successfully raised its meaning to a new charted height, for this film has opened my eyes more, and has given me the return opportunity to recall the powerful direction I received from my first mentor.

     The film truly drives home its message of never giving up on one´s dreams, but more than the latter, to make that road not taken beyond a destiny; moreover, a journey that quenches the soul from acquiring newfound knowledge “…fighting to get out…”

     I can guarantee you whether you are “…two inches or 10 feet back” from your viewing screen, Gallo´s “Local Color” will create a link to that one special person in your life. Be prepared for an ocean of onslaught of emotions because the film´s entire acting and production cast merges color and composition in a way that viewer just can´t let go.

     On the language side, I found its restricted rating right on; in fact, somewhat sickening because too much of it expressed in a short time, however “Local Color” is still a must see in my assessment; in fact, I recommend it to anyone who wants to see the distance between the inexperienced and experienced, for this is where the age difference prevails with a dramatic contrasting greatness.

     There is only one question that remains in my mind, being, I wonder if today´s youth could withstand the verbal mental swings that tend to rise above flood stage when a mentor runs out of steam and has no time to count to ten, however one must stand back and see how well the people give and take, follow and return to their travels on life´s yellow brick road.

By Ben Rayman

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  1. George Gallo

    Dear Ben,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. \”Local Color\” was a very special project. The actors all worked for scale because they believed in it and my wife and I mortgaged our home to make it. It is loosely based on my time apprenticing with George Cherepov, a well known landscape painter. Again, thank you for loving the film as much as you did. We\’re all very proud of it.


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