Photographer ‘freezes’ His artworks

     In the space of a few seconds, Susan Miller Cormier uses her camera to capture the vibrant color and life of the natural world around us. Her photographs are filled with incredible details, giving the viewer the feeling of being invited into a secret world.

     The beauty of a flower snapped at an unusual angle, the whimsy of a tiny assassin bug in its most threatening stance, the slow progress of a small lizard among foliage, all are frozen in time and presented for our enjoyment and wonder. “Each person is given something to do that shows who God is,” said Cormier, and her work reflects this belief.

     The daughter of Ernie and Carolyn Miller, Susan was born and raised in Van Wert, Ohio. She graduated of Van Wert High School 1977 and is one of the original owners and manager of Shutterbugg One Hour Photo, in Van Wert.

     Over the years, her focus in photography has shifted from weddings, senior portraits, babies, and families to nature and macro photography. To bring the joy of nature to young children as well, she has written a series of books, using her photographs. The first two books in this series are entitled, “Life On The Farm” and “When Kit Dreams”.

     Susan now resides just outside of Lafayette, Louisiana with her husband, Ron, and son, Evan. She also has two grown children, Brooke and Spencer and a grandson, Braden. For more, see

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