No childhood storybook romance in film

SOME OTHER YOUTH ACTORS (l-r) Skyler Labetti, Richard Meehan, Savannah Reinitzer, Meredith Prunty and Randi Bennett.

     (PNAN-USA) – Projected to hit the marquees in New York, Los Angeles and Bucharest in November 2011, the movie “Abused in America” will not only raise the eyebrows of the viewers, but also it will leave hearts in a rage of desperation, but as German poet, novelist and dramatist, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) once said, “We cannot fashion our children after our desires, we must have them and love them as God has given them to us.”

     Although Wolfgang’s words are to the point, requiring no self-questioning, like What does he mean?; the facts recorded in America reveals child mistreatment is not on a decline, however aggressive steps have been taken to not only educate, but also alert the population of the ‘no more’ steps being enacted to fend off the predators, who will suffer the consequences with a hell’s furry.

Actress Dakota Labetti-6 yrs old

     Currently in production, “Abused in America” is a movie being filmed in Brasov, Romania, consisting of over 100 actors, who are giving their voice to the thousands of children abused. Their roles will tell the tales of what lies ahead for them: Future residents of the streets, victims of the prostitution and drug markets and even the graveyards, yet there is a cure for the plight of the victimized. “Simply the abuse must stop,” said Director Bruno Pischiutta. “And if it takes an uprising by the people, this would be one giant leap for human rights.”

    Producer Daria Trifu of Adhara Properties, Inc. says the film “…is a monumental and historical feature film exposing the sexual, physical and mental abuse of children in the US.” Adhara, the production company, has financed the entire research and development stages. “The movie specifically focuses on the US because with the power of the mainstream media, like USA Today, Huffington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Denver Post, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, including the Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer and Eliot Spitzer types, this horrible victimization of our children in this world; I strongly believe will end,” added Trifu.

     In addition to what makes this movie an Oscar contender in the Best Picture category, many of the world class talent have chosen to either wave or defer their fees until it initially is released in theaters. “Like Pischiutta, they want the abuse ended,” says Trifu. “Their belief in Abused in America has enabled me to successfully attract private investors, who not only share the same belief, but also will enjoy a projected 400% return.

     However, Trifu still needs to attract additional $800k in order to kick-start the shooting on March 14. “All-in-all, Adhara has covered $2.6 million of the film’s budget and I would like to send a PPM to serious inquiries or they can reach me at (+1) 646-300-9232 or email:

     As it has been said by many in different ways, “Children are our greatest asset,” probably Trifu has summed up what is best about her movie when she quoted Warren Buffett: “If you’re in the luckiest 1 per cent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99 per cent.”

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  1. Sounds like this movie will uplift very painful, but yet very needed theme to end children’s abuse in any form. My best to the Adhara and Toronto Pictures, and I can’t wait to see this movie. In addition, I am also pleased to know 10% of the profit of Abused in America will be donated to the Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services in Pasadena, California. Respectfully, Larisa Pilinsky or

  2. Our world needs to be healed for the sake of preserving the pure smiles of our children, the symbol of what humanity means. It is wonderful that Toronto Pictures and Adhara Properties are empowering the Warren Buffett’s quote and that they give a voice to those that can’t defend themselves. No doubt, this will be an impressive movie that will change mentalities, and education is, I think, the most efficient way of fighting abuse. Thank you for all your efforts you’re making to shed light upon the reality of our world.

  3. I am honored to be a part of history by portraying Valerie in this powerful new movie. I have been researching my role as a runaway to understand my characture and have read about so many stories and statistics that are horrible regarding abuse of children. This film is going to send a message that needs to be heared. Much Love, Meredith

  4. Padma Narayanaswamy

    I am a bit surprised that Child abuse is such a malady in USA. Child abuse as such should be condemned all over the world and I am happy that this film address to this aspect

  5. So many people in the world think here in American everything is just rosy. I know to well the pain of child abuse. I was beaten on a daily bases as a child. I know what it’s like not knowing when your next meal will come. Or if your will even eat that week. Wearing the same dirty cloths week after week. Being made fun of from other kids because your dirty. Living in a rat infested home. At time no electricity or running water. Living on the streets scavenging for food. It was like living in the middle ages. Both my parents where drug addicts. (heroin) Both are now deceased. Now my brother and sister are drug addicts just like their parents. Me, I stayed in school. Never did drugs or drink. Went into the Military just to have a place to sleep and eat. I made something of my life. But the pain of child abuse is with you for life. I’m now 56. I’m in therapy to help me deal with the pain. The documentary “Abused in America” will open up the eyes of the world. I myself have never watched a documentary on child abuse. It would bring back to many bad memories. Thanks you Bruno Pischiutta & Daria Trifu for bring child abuse to light with their documentary. Peace.

  6. Evelin John

    This movie will touch a lot because Daria and Bruno have extraordinary rich hearts and I am sure Abused in America will give a hand to all children abused.
    I feel lucky to be part of it.

  7. Michelle Nagell

    This movie contains depth and truth to transform and inspire change to the viewer. This movie will have the ability to impact the audience on a deep level! Thank You Bruno and Daria for bringing the vision of truth to the world.

  8. One of the greatest honors of my life is to be a part of this movie. I want to thank Daria Trifu and Bruno Pischiutta for their hard work through this film they will make a change in the world! Cleo Belchior

  9. The importance of bringing Light to the world cannot be overlooked. Death, pain and darkness can be transformed with love and genuine care. Thank you Bruno and Daria for such dedication to this cause. We will see a new justice prevail and hope for those feeling helpless. We are with you. The Hope for World Peace Foundation and Agape Center for Hope. Boyd Sibley and Anah Maa, Founders

  10. Ellen Fox

    Thank you Bruno and Daria and all the dedicated staff for bringing this movie to life. Only through shining the Light on darkness; may this planet transform in Truth, Light and Love. And may the children be to be loved, honored and valued as the most precious gifts in the world. “Thy Will be done”

  11. It is truly a gift to be a part of this project. I must say that being a part of this film hits a familiar place. Therefore, I am ready to pour my heart into to each moment with hopes that my emotions and story will make a sound.

  12. Savannah Reinitzer

    I am very honored to be chosen by Bruno and Daria to be a part of this movie. I think it is important that people are made aware of the the child abuse situation in the United States. I think that people believe that there was abuse in the past or in other countries but are not aware of that it is still a big problem in the United States today. I hope that filming this movie will make people aware and that we can help stop the abuse.

  13. This sounds like a very powerful film with an important message. Daria Trifu and Bruno Pischiutta are filmmakers who strive to make a positive difference in the world around us!

  14. Nubia Buitrago

    As a Canadian, I am proud of being part of the film “Abused in America” because it is the only Canadian film company that is really full of meaningful awareness and in so many ways, touching the hearts and souls of so many people. The thousands being abused today must end and the time has come to make their weak voices heard and stronger to escape this evil. I hope that the abusers also change for the better once they see the movie. Toronto Pictures is hope through the arts and they are a role model to follow. Thank you Mr. Bruno and Daria for being who you are! Nubia Buitrago Marin

  15. Additionally, it has been reported there is a very high rate of homeless children increasing daily now, as a result of the unemployment and the financial crisis in the US. This also means there is a higher risk of child abuse and exploitation. Time has come for us to be aware of these human violations and protect our children as best we can. It’s people like Bruno and Daria who are bringing awareness to the masses which can promote love and healing. Thank you Toronto Pictures for your dedication to this amazing cause!

  16. It is truly an honor to be among the fabulous Toronto Pictures’ friends. I support all what TP stands for, including a need of breaking a new vision in the entertainment industry. Sincerely, Max Millionz –

  17. My mother, Susan and myself feel extraordinary lucky to have received the opportunity to be included in such a moving motion picture. We are both beyond excited and cannot wait to meet everyone in the cast. I have a strong feeling that the turnout for the film will be amazing as well as very motivational.

  18. Krissy Quirke

    Thank you Daria and Bruno for presenting the ugly truth about child abuse. Most people turn their back whenever anything is unpleasent. Lets make this a better place for our children to live, as they are our future. This film represents all aspect of child abuse which is in the home and on the street. Let those voiceless victims be heard through film. Much love Krissy


    In this world evrything is posible,but is important to know the truth about child abuse! Daria and Bruno are brave because tell to evrybody this story about the child abuse! we want for our children a good life and we want to help the future child to live a normal life! Thanks Daria and Bruno for this,, real movie” Much love and respect Laura Matei

  20. Thanks to you all for your all your efforts at raising awareness about child abuse. Any improvement in this area raises the quality of life for everyone. I will tell everyone I know about this project. This is as important as it gets.
    Bravo to you for this much needed endeavor.
    Michael Rosen

  21. Randi Bennett

    I am so excited for this movie and I am glad to see that everyone else is also. I am also very grateful and honored to be apart of it and I believe many amazing things will come out of this movie. I just wanted to thank Bruno and Daria for choosing me to be apart of it and I am very excited to meet them and everyone else in the cast. Randi Bennett

  22. Mahmood Sairally

    Thanks to the great script of Bruno and under his direction, “Abused in America” will be a great success. I am glad to be part of it.

  23. This groundbreaking and visionary film is an incredible opportunity for all involved, the production team, the cast, the all important audience, and ultimately, the world public at large, to raise the bar of awareness of human rights issues, of which this subject is at the top of the list.

    I know firsthand what these kids go through, myself being a survivor of child sexual, physical and other types of abuse from an very early age through my early teens when I ran away into the world to escape and find freedom.

    Predatory behavior by adults on the young and the innocent of this planet must end!

    It is one of the greatest honors of my life to be able to work side-by-side with Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu in the fight to save more children from the horrors of abuse and the destinys that await them. I’m one of the lucky ones; many children never survive!

    Failure is not an option.

    Jade’an “Blue Jay” Jourden
    Music Producer/Coordinator
    Toronto Pictures
    “Abused In America”

  24. Alexandra

    Toronto Pictures and Adhara Properties have the courage and the power to ‘scream’ to the world with their powerful message about children being abused and this crime against humanity. Director Bruno says, ”Is time for a new world.” I know we are the only ones who can create this new and better world and this will happen only if we fight united against all the things that hurt and damage our humanself.

    The thought I am writing this moment is when a child is abused. It makes me feel so much rage against these ”predators” and a great desire to do something to prevent this human violation from happening. And in a way, I feel quilt that I was one of the lucky ones and the times I escaped from abusers. I also survived the psychic abuse that these attacks leaved behind. I am sure ”Abused in America” will make a difference and people will stop ignoring this human epidemic and treat it much more serious with proactive programs.

    I am proud to be a part of this film project. This will be the beginning of a huge journey and we the people have the opportunity to bring down this “wall” of crime.

  25. The abused were usually abused. I just watched the rerun of the Oprah Show dedicated to the two hundred men that were in her audience. Each one of them has been victims of childhood abuse. At times it was so graphic that the grown men could not hold back the tears. One out of of six male children in America is abused and usually by someone that they know. Often this person is a family member. In some cases it is either the biological father or mother. What a horrible thought.

    The problem in America is that we condone the witch hunts for convicted child molesters that have served their time in prison. We do not think twice about family members or religious leaders. Why would a mother stay with her husband when she knows that he is molesting her child? How can people continue to support religions that allow child molestation, but they do not have those members of their sect or congregation arrested? The molestor frequently gets moved and promoted when they are discovered.

    Yes, we have to call a stop to it, but we better take close look with our family and social circle. No one is willing to admit or even think that they might know an abuser of children. Maybe some people are abuser themselves, but get away with it because they consider it “punishment”. I consider these people as just plain evil.

    This really has nothing to do with sexuality. It is about control, power and being the worse kind of bully. The teen suicides that have finally surfaced is not a new phenomenon. Children can be cruel, but did you ever wonder why? They act out things that they see or things that are done to them.

    Courses in Homemaking and Parenting seem to have fallen out of favor. It is only emblematic of our values and attitudes about the family unit. Often children are an extension of ego rather than being a child that is made out of love. When an “accident” results in a lifelong bitterness it is a formula for future problems. The priorities of this nation leave a lot to be desired. If someone wants to be a parent they should want to be a parent and not pressured into it. The insistence that someone carries on the family name or getting pregnant because of your biological clocks are running out are founded in pure ego.

    Parents always have expectations of their children, but they should be out of concern for the child well being. Children need to accepted for the unique individuals that they are. Set a good example, but don’t expect your children, students or congregation to be like you. If they have different ideas, interests, values, sexual orientations or careers that help them realize their potential give them your support. Acceptance begins in the home. Embrace the difference if it is a superior intellect or disability. Don’t not exploit it or make if difficult for your child to accept. As old as we may grow we remain the main role models in our children’s eyes. If you want to erase childhood abuse just love themselves. Allow them to be their own persons. It is not a solution, but one way to start.

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