Galleries join ‘art umbrellas’

(PNAN-CALIF) – Affinity Galleries and LarkGallery Online have united in series of events combining visual and performing arts entitled: “Spring Equinox.”  The following events began recently with opening receptions at the Phantom Galleries (PGLB) at 350 East 3rd Street and 216 Promenade in Long Beach and are on view through April 5. The Fine Art  is shown in both locations  include: Dan Pyle, Jeffrey Nemeroff, Randall Oldrieve, Al Vass, j.Reto, Kiki, Sel Sarkin, David Gardner, Michelle Oppenheimer, Lark, Michael Veberec, William Haugse, Stanley Howard, William Emboden, Jelena,Ivan Butorac, Sallie-Anne Swift, Richard Madeira, Young Summers, Felice Willat, Melanie Manos and Ray Klausen

     The opening at 216 Promenade was enhanced by a live performance by SangomaBeat World Music, Brazilian Bossa Novas and smooth Jazz Standards with vocalist Pashyo Sarkin accompanied by Rome on guitar, Marvin Bonds on saxophone, Joe Kohanski on bass and Sel Sarkin on percussions.

    Cavafy’s Caress is on Saturday, April 2, at 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm 216 Promenade, Long Beach. This is an intimate theatrical performance exploring the vibrant and passionate words and world of renowned Greek poet, Constantine P. Cavafy (1863-1933). The performance was created by and features Los Angeles based multimedia performing artist and writer, Jason Jenn. The show is approximately one hour in length and contains adult themes. Further information about tickets and more about Jason Jenn, see

    Artistic Voyage on Sunday, April 3, Gallery opens 6:30 pm, Concert 7:30 pm at Messiah Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda, 4861 Liverpool Street, For more information, call 714.528.0920.

Tony Clark

'Lark' Pilinsky

     French chevalier Tony Clark and LGO curator Larisa Pilinsky will lead the talks through the gallery exhibition starting at 6.30 pm, which will feature works by contemporary international and local artists.

     The chamber music concert with the Windy Voyage performs works from Ludwig van Beethoven and Francis Poulenc.  Musicians are: Yana Reznik, piano; Janice Tipton, flute; Allan Vogel, oboe; Joshua Ranz, clarinet; Richard Beene, bassoon; and Johanna Yarbrough on the horn. For tickets, contact Matt Bagne at

     At the Loft Galleries, the exhibition, “Sound Art: Marriage of Art and Music” opens with a reception on Thursday, April 7, from 6:00-9:00 pm. ‘Sound Art’ is the first in a series of brick-and-mortar exhibitions based on LarkGallery Online’s 2011 international Colors of Life competition, which involved interactively matching art and music.

     Participating artists are: Art Venti, Sandra Cooper, Felice Willat, Rachael McCampbell, McElena Beresnjak, Amy Galaudet, Kaleeka Bond, Jolanta Badyna-Budny, Michael Chearney, Pat Rayman, Georganne Heller, Ruth Dutoit, Dasha Guilliam, Lark, Juan Rosenfeldt, Elisse Pogofsky-Harris, Narine Isajanian, Vered Galor, Sallie-Anne Swift, Armineh Teimourian and Annemarie Rawlinson.  Soprano/vocal coach Ann Greshman is also be performing and the visual arts show will remain on view through April 28.

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  1. I am thrilled to see this appreciation of our collaboration to Welcome Spring by combining talents of the Visual with Performing Arts and Music . This unity will help show the harmony of arts visual and auditory. Together they will give the true food for the soul. In the teachings of Shumei “Art takes us to a higher spiritual level” We hope to elevate your senses and enrich your life with these cultural experiences.

  2. I am excited to be a part of these events!

  3. Looking forward to the opening night music and taking in the art work in that interesting space. Great to know such artistic talent and keen curators are involved in presenting this food for the soul.

  4. Randall Oldrieve

    Fantastic to be included in this collective. Best wishes to Lark and Clark for a successful cooperative effort in these shows and future endeavors.

  5. Looking forward to a great show and a fantastic opening night! Thanks Tony, for putting together this beautiful show!

  6. Rolando Lira

    I wish I could attend the exhibit opening, but I have previous commitments. Hopefully in the future, I will be able to adjust my schedule. I am sure this is an awesome event.

  7. Tony, Thanks for all the hard work and all you put into this show… also for including me. Here’s hoping it is a great success! Ray Klausen

  8. Thank you, guys, foar all support of our collaboration efforts!

  9. What a great gathering of artists you have united for this show. The selection of the different pieces, one perfectly flowing into the next, is wonderful.

  10. Great work Larisa and team! I love the idea about the collaboration! Thank you so much for all the hard work in putting together a beautiful exhibit.

  11. Saturday was an amazing day. We all experienced Jason Jenn’s Cavafy’s Caress. We understand now why ‘Jackie O’ only wanted his poetry read at her furneral. He is not only Greece’s greatest poet, but one of the great poets of all time.

    Jason masterfully made a mosaic of this master’s work allow us to enter his world, mind and heart, who acted the role of Cavafy himself, also a poet too and making the deliverace flawless. The Youth played by Kyle and the Chorus by Larry (a psychoanalist in real life) brought the whole work to life.

    The audience was constantly moved and became completely mesmerized. At the end of the play, Cavafy exists up the stairs that was symbolic of his soul leaving this earth. It is as if he took part of us with him. We were all enriched by performance that was a transformation of the actors as well as the audience. Of course, thunderous applause followed and many asked when they could experience this performance again and bring new friends.

    Their wish will come true because Jenn is leaving to perform in NYC tomorrow, but will return later this month to give us one more chance to see the best play that I have seen in two decades.


    PS. I forgot to mention the catalyst to the entire production. Stathis Orphanos, the famed Greek-American photographer, was there to tell us about Constantine Cavafy and how he inspired his photographic series “MY CAVAFY,” which is reproduced in a book by the same name. A few of his original photographs were displayed on the walls of the gallery/theatre. The full series of his evocative photographs, along with related Cavafy verse and a preface by Gore Vidal, are included this book, currently for sale through my website.–

  12. I had the pleasure of seeing Jason Jenn’s, Cavafy’s Caress, at Affinity Galleries in Long Beach this past Saturday and was blown away by the performance.

    The event started off with Stathis Orphanos talking about his beautiful photography book, My Cavafy, and regaling us with stories.

    The staging for Cavafy’s Caress was minimalistic and smart. The narration by Larry Levi was soft and clear, and gave a documental feel to the piece. Jason Jenn was spot on in his delivery and brought nueance to the work with subtle gestures- like a sly smile or a focused stare. Kyle McMillan was perfectly cast as the muse.

    I felt it was a real success.

  13. I saw Jason Jenn’s, premier of Cavafy’s Caress, at Affinity Galleries in Long Beach this past Saturday and was quite pleased with the performance. The venue was perfect, and Jason used just a few props to keenly keep your interest on the poetry and actors. It was a wonder, wonderful performance, and have recommended it to many of my friends. the performance brought so many memories and thoughts to my mind, that I found myself thinking about the performance all the way home.

  14. Very poetic, philosophical play – great food for soul!

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