Artist gives Trifu thumbs up

     (PNAN-US) – Cape Town, South Africa artist, author and actress, Leeorah Hursky has cast her vote of approval for Canadian film producer, Daria Trifu to be considered for the CNN Hero Award. Trifu takes on the mostly-avoided controversial subjects, like female genital mutilation as in the film, “Punctured Hope,” to bulimia and anorexia in “Maybe,” and other social topics, including violations against humanity.

     As one of the world’s youngest film producers, 29, Trifu is also a role model for Romanian girls, where she has returned after a decade to Brasov, her hometown to film, “Abused in America” that deals with child mistreatment in the United States.    

     In her other roles in Canada, she is the President of Adhara Properties Inc., which is the production company for independent publicly-traded film company, Toronto Pictures (TTOPF), where she also serves as its Vice President. In addition, she founded Daria! magazine and serves as its Editor and Publisher; Founder of Toronto Pictures Film Academy of Ghana; she is Celebrity USA Ambassador for Humanity Healing Foundation;  she is currently creating the Film Academy of Swaziland in Southern Africa; the Brasov International Film Festival and Market; and the Brasov Film Center in Transylvania, Romania.

     For more information on this nomination, Daria can be contacted at Toronto Pictures (+1) 646-300-9232 or see: and for more about Leeorah Hursky see:

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