Who they are


     They are people who take on the role to deliver the goods, services, missions, objectives, ideals as well as participate in the unloading of the old and loading of the new, including assisting in the administrating, incorporation and the academic application of the ‘machines’ that ensure a proactive management of accuracy of the recordkeeping which depicts organizational accountability with transparency for all those served.

     They are the spokespersons for those creators, serving them as their liaison to forge a connection of their platforms to change what is to what should be, however they do not self-editorialize; moreover promote participation that requires strong listening skills in order to move the parts of others that are now integral to their foundation, thusly weaving them into the overall forum. Eventually, those old ‘skins’ will shed themselves because the allowance grants acceptance of old while the new program takes hold, overlapping by removing redundant tasks.

     They are the people who take the visions of those ‘founding fathers’ and the ‘framers’ of their ‘constitution’ by representing them and the platform with the forthright objectives to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the users. They strive to ensure those creator’s stages say what they will do, even line by line in their original context with the promise the outcome has been not only tried and tested, but also designed to produce the best results with cited cases.

     They are respectfully apolitical in the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and maintain public neutrality of those freedoms. These are ‘ we the people’ who do not take ‘He said, She said’ statements and use them that are not aligned to the subject matter, however metaphorically they use common sense comparisons to connect an understanding that even though the wheel cannot be reinvented, whether on a Ford or Chevy; they both can be improved to prevent foreseeable weaknesses to the framework, especially when the tire’s air pressure must withstand successions of potholes; or enough capital reserves to tap into that will balance the in and out cash flows while traveling on those rough roads.

     They are the people who are given the freedom to explore those less traveled roads for those creators, blending their own real world knowledge gained as they travel among the skeptics, embracing the advertises, that the real voyage consists of not in seeking new, but honing the old landscape to forge the understanding of the benefits that come from positive change.

     Who are these people? Picture one of those city block long Cadillac classics of the 1950 era. The driver aka founder is behind the wheel, eyeing the ‘hood emblem’ entrusted to pan their vision with the supporting proven outcomes that have been applied on paper. They are those who serve as the voices for the new pathways to connect the bridges as well as ward off and steer around the barriers to keep the flow of progress always moving forward.

     They are the Paul Reveres who possess and have applied entrepreneurship, experiencing not only the rises, but also the downfalls; they are constant learners and in most part a ‘jack of many trades’ and a master of many; they project a happiness that lifts the heavy weights that inspires the strength ‘I can do it, I will do it’ with the understanding as once said by Martin Luther King (1929-1968): “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” They are the Advocates.

Viewpoint by Ben Rayman

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