Scott is new ‘in-house guest’

     (PNAN-MT) – “My pieces often have a feel of something ancient. I know everything I am comes from that which is ancient and will continue on in the process of becoming ancient until both ends meet. These pieces are contemplative in the manner of invoking ancient qualities of relics. Thus my pieces are not just relics of my existence, but of a projection. My invitation is to meet them at the time and place of their origin,” expressed the Yellowstone Art Museum second artist-in-residence, Brian Keith Scott.

     During his time, Scott will claim hold in the studio at the Visible Vault, where his plans include kiln-casting and cold glass work as well as what the artist-in-residence studio was designed for, being, allowing visitors to watch artists at work and discuss their work with them.

     Based in Billings, Brian works in metal and glass and has been part of the YAM’s annual Art Auction as well as a past solo exhibition. According to the artist, “The process by which I generate my art is simply living through the experiences of my life. I view my art as relics of existence, occurring naturally through my own creative praxis.”

     “I love the facility and being involved with the YAM.  The opportunity to work with the education department is great, and interacting with visitors will be an interesting new dimension in my experience,” says Scott and all are encouraged to come to the Visible Vault and its Studio during the regular hours.      

     For more views on Scott’s work, see

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