Still-life creations cometh alive

"The Cross Open Arms"

     The workbench is noticeably covered with scrapped pieces of metal and wire.  A welding apparatus stands frozen in the corner as if waiting for the TV picture tube parts to jump up and dance. A man stands silently, pondering this scene.  Images begin to float and swim in his mind and he fingers some of the pieces.  Gears, contactors, antenna wands and other parts trickle through his hands until at last he grasps one lonely picture tube.  He smiles as he sees a form and begins constructing, welding, molding, as if he were arranging a puzzle with a distinct place for each piece to fit.

     Although this picture does not portray a figure stroking a canvas with different shades of blue, or crafting a vase with the dusting of one’s skilled hands, Dan Czarnecki of Findlay, Ohio draws new meaning to the words, professional artist.

“Angel of Light” was on Ohio Governor Taft’s residential Christmas tree. Fifty-five ornaments from hundreds were selected in 2002 for the “Treasures for the Tree holiday” program.

     The delightful figurines created by Czarnecki are full of feeling and movement, not to mention a certain characteristic, individualized in their own scene.  His most valuable piece is called “The Cross Open Arms,” a dedication to the reunification of our slipping faith after the 9/11 tragedies.  Powerful with ‘lucent rays of light’ pouring from the halo, it appears the arms are stretching out to hold us through troubled times. 

“Couple in a Heart on a Heart” was a commissioned scene as a wedding gift for a couple in the Netherlands.

    Dan began creating small scenes reminiscent of a special event or depictions of favorite childhood memories nine years ago from discarded pieces and parts that were destined for the trash bin where he worked.  He has created over 500 ornaments and scenes that just seem to come to him as he constantly brainstorms ideas regularly and contemplates how components of the picture tubes can be put to use.

     Czarnecki considers his artistic ability a hobby, being able to bring smiles to family and friends, coworkers, when they are presented with a hand crafted gift.  He enjoys creating pieces that say something.  Commissioned items are created on occasion and the profound “The Cross Open Arms” is available to the public.  “This is one piece that I want to share with everyone, so they too can share my feelings when I designed it,” said Dan.

Editor’s note: Originally print published in the 2005-06 Fall-Winter Art-to-Art Palette Journal, not all works are shown. To contact Dan, call 419-425-1532.

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