Maine’s terrain is show’s focal point

“Joe Pie Weed” (Delano Park), 1908, oil on canvas, 14 1/16 x 18 1/16 inches, John Calvin Stevens, (US 1855-1940)

     (PNAN-ME) – There is a Proverb, “From small beginnings come great things,” and in 1983, when the Friends of the Collection group made itself known, the Portland Museum of Art embraced this association, which has become a solid reminder about not only generosity, but also what comes from commitment to a higher cause. More than 260 strong today, their contributions go directly to acquire and preserve works of art, but they also dig deeper in their pockets to support various other programs, including lectures to field trips.

     On view through May 8, “The Lay of the Land: A Celebration of Art Acquired by the Friends of the Collection 1983-2010” is a visual testament that features 25 of the more than 200 artworks the Museum has acquired through the support of the Friends group.

“Cliffs at Étretat”, circa 1873, watercolor on paper, 8 3/4 x 20 1/2 inches, Samuel Colman, (US 1832-1920)

     In this showing, landscapes take the spotlight: paintings, watercolors and prints make up the exhibit by such artists as Charles Codman, Harrison Bird Brown, John Calvin Stevens, Robert Henri, John Walker and Jules Olitski. The works, many native to Maine charts the different artist’s approach in their visual presentation of the natural scenery: historically, artistically and culturally.

   Attributed to be Portland’s “first resident landscape painter,” Codman was inspired by the romantic landscapes of French painter Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714–1789), and weaved his scenes of Maine with dramatic emphasis. A century later, color-field painter Jules Olitski applied saturated color to canvas to create abstract painted visions of nature.

Untitled, 1874, oil on canvas, 16 3/8 x 26 ¼ inches, Samuel Peter Rolt Triscott, (US 1846-1925)

     See for more information, including the host of upcoming and ongoing events, like the range of classes for all ages, songsters and instruments performing in the Museum’s Café and the ‘show’ goes on.

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