DOLBY: Capturing God’s world

"Saturday night at Times Square"

The breathtaking natural scenes of the world are readily available for anyone to enjoy, study, share but few chose to embrace its real meaning like Rex Dolby does.

“When I was in my late teens, a man gave a program at church using two projectors and a dissolve unit to show the beauty of God’s world. I thought at that time, what a great way to introduce people to the God of our universe.”

     Dolby began taking pictures of as much as he could see, and still does. His first camera was a 35mm Kodak Signet rangefinder that served him well while working as youth director and pastor’s assistant in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The awesome scenery that Rex was exposed to in the western states helped him build stories to go along with the miracles of nature.

     After graduation from Ball State Teachers College in 1959, Rex married his sweetheart, Margery and together, they began their future. Teaching photography at Spring Vale Academy, Van Wert High School, Starr Commonwealth and Lincolnview during his thirty-five year teaching career was a great fit for Rex’s interest and in what he wished to achieve.

     Yearly summer trips with his wife and three kids kept the entire family alive with nature, enjoying the national parks in the western states, Michigan, Kentucky, and even a three-week jaunt to California. Rex updated his photography equipment to the Minolta SRT 101 and organized the files by subject or trip.

     After the kids were away at college, Rex and Margery began taking longer excursions. Through the local YWCA, they were able to take advantage of group trips to the Canadian Rockies, Washington D.C. and New York City. Marg sold enough Avon products to win a trip to Monaco where they also visited France, Italy and the Alps. They toured Alaska by plane, bus and train and returned by cruise ship through the inward passage.

     Graduating to a Minolta Dimage 7i, Dolby was able to create DVDs of the beautiful trips, adding narration, background music and fades. Viewed by schools, churches, civic groups, rest homes and camera clubs, Dolby’s nature shows open people’s eyes to the Creator and what we tend to forget.

     Known as an expert in the field of photography, Dolby continued to work with photography and has created scenes with angles and exposures, not to mention the high quality of his skill. Rex shares a few of his personal created pictures, used as spiritual background at Trinity United Methodist Church in Van Wert, Ohio during worship service.

Editor’s note: Dolby’s full feature appeared in the Art-to-Art Palette Journal, Vol 20, No 2, 2007-08 Fall-Winter print edition and can be downloaded to view the following writing about his photos.    

     Worship Jesus at Sunset takes a previously created picture and places the head of Jesus onto it, but making it about 50% transparent. Saturday night at Times Square in New York City brings your senses alive with the brilliant colors, neon signs and the hustle and bustle of people and cars.

"Worship Jesus at Sunset"

     Christmas time always touches the heart but even more when the merriment of lights and happiness are tastefully presented. This picture was taken at 1869 Clifton Mill in the village of Clifton between Columbus and Dayton, Ohio.

     An architectural view of the Wassenburg Art Center located in Van Wert, Ohio. The perfect rendition makes you wonder if this is a photo or a painting.

     Step back in time when the trees were full and the waters blue. Fortunately, this is a recent photograph of the Glade Creek Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, West Virginia. Rex has captured nature at its best.

     Simply, a peaceful scene at the lake in Muskegon, Michigan.

     Rex Dolby has served as President of the Wassenberg Camera Club and currently serves as a projectionist for Trinity United Methodist Church in Van Wert. He has also received awards for his work from the Wassenberg Photography Exhibit, the Van Wert County Fair, the Wassenberg Members’ Show and the Lima Photography Exhibit. His greatest gift, however, is not the public recognition but the enjoyment he brings to everyone who shares in God’s creation through his proudly displayed photography.

Rex Dolby-print

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