Creativities ‘pump’ with much heart

     (PNAN-CA) – The hands of a surgeon and those of an artist maintain a commonality. Although one uses a scalpel to keep the living ticking the tunes of today, including tomorrow, and the other, who may use another knife form or may simply pinch and pull, they both play a role in visual documentation in the preservation of life.

     To illustrate the above statement, there is as entitled: “Hearts in San Francisco” artworks which made its debut on Valentine’s Day in 2004 in Union Square. And later combined in 2006 with the ‘Heroes & Hearts’ benefits; they have raised almost $6 million for San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. “Every year we’re delighted to showcase the diverse talent of the Bay Area art scene, and our tremendous roster of artists for the 2011 series of Hearts in San Francisco is no exception,” said SFGHF Board President Judy Guggenhime. “The works of these artists reflect the creativity that thrives in our communities. We’re honored by their contribution to not only the Foundation, but also to the people of San Francisco.”

"My paintings evolve like improvisational dance, each following its own path, colors being chosen intuitively, every moment unfolding surprises, expressing my subjects' character in a way that transcends surface impressions.” Jeremy Sutton

     The SFGHF has chosen 14 artists who have created works for the 2011 series of Hearts in San Francisco, a public art exhibition in conjunction with the annual “Heroes & Hearts Luncheon,” a benefit that will take place this year on Thursday, February 11, that celebrates local heroes who inspire others through exceptional community service.

     The heart sculptures have been created in two sizes: table top (14.23” x 17” x 8”) and large edition (5’ x 5’ x 9’ x 3’ 3”). The table top hearts are designed by Linda Adreveno, Joan élan Davis, May M. Dris, Mark Paron, Melanie Piech and Julian Tomchin. The larger heart works are by Julia di Biasi, Lawrence Noble, Hilary Pecis, Precita Eyes Mural Arts Association, Andrew Schoultz, Monika Steiner, Jeremy Sutton and Daniel Tousignant.

     On Thursday, January 27, the table top hearts will be on exhibit at Macy’s Union Square and at the Sixth Annual Heroes & Hearts Luncheon, they will be auctioned off, however the large works will go on display in Union Square and select city-wide locations through September 2011. For more information, call 415.206.4478 or see this link for views of all the artist’s works:

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