Casalini ‘spirits’ on view

Willie Faust

     (NWPR-IN) – Photographic portrait artist Tom Casalini wants to show you his images at the Richmond Art Museum. He is featuring those creators behind the canvases, some are in their natural working attire and others are dressed for success. Regardless how they may look only exhibits the external features, but what is next to their portrait will tell the inside story about them: a rendition either of a person or place or just a plain old object that is overlooked, presented as what it is: a work of art.

     Although both visuals are separate, Casalini’s ‘eye’ merges the creator and creation which together brings forth the spirit of the human. Those participating are: India Cruse-Griffin, Todd Reifers, Greg Hull, Douglas David, Constance Scopelitis, Walter Knabe, Lois Davis, K.P. Singh, C.W. Mundy, John Domont, Carol Strock-Wasson, Jay Parnell, Willie Faust, Lois Templeton, Alan Patrick, Becky Fehsenfeld and Bill Rasdell.

Lois Templeton

     For more information, see or call 765.966.0256. The show is on view through March 27 and to know more about Tom –

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