Bessire is thrilled with pride

     (PNAN-ME) –  These statements which can be attributed to Frank Tyger, who was a political cartoonist with the Trenton (NJ) Times, sums up Professionalism: “Progress results from persistence with purpose” and “Professionalism is knowing how to do it, when to do it and doing it.” The National Art Education Association (NAEA) chose two within the Portland Museum of Art that fits Tyger’s words. Dana Baldwin and Stacy Rodenberger will receive their awards in March at the NAEA annual conference in Seattle, Washington.

Dana Baldwin

     As PMA’s Peggy L. Osher Director of Education, Baldwin was nominated for the National Museum Educator of the Year recognition by a group of ten art museum educators from around the U.S.  “…This award confirms what we already know about Dana, that she is a leader in museum arts education. Our education department has a national reputation for excellence because of her dedication and commitment…,” said Portland Museum of Art Director Mark Bessire.

     Stacy Rodenberger, who is PMA’s Coordinator of School Programs, has been given acclaim as the NAEA’s 2010 Eastern Division Outstanding Museum Educator of the Year. “…This award honors her tireless dedication to K-12 arts education, and it recognizes Stacy’s strong working relationships and friendships with her colleagues in Maine and across the country,” also expressed by Bessire. “Through her work we have become renowned as a location for students and families to engage in art together.”

Stacy Rodenberger

    Also nominated from group of ten peer art museum educators, Rodenberger joins three other regional winners, including museum educators from the Georgia Museum of Art, the Amon Carter Museum and the Orange County Museum of Art. NAEA’s Eastern Region includes museums from Washington, D.C. to Maine.

     The National Art Education Association is dedicated to educators from every level of instruction and for more in depth look see:

     Professionalism: “It’s NOT the job you DO, It’s HOW you DO the job,” and to find out more about what they have done to learn these prestigious awards see:

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