‘Sound makers’ put on notice

     (PNAN-CA) – In 1994, LarkGallery Online (LGO) established its platform to serve the talents of both emerging and established artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. They have not steered from this course; in fact, have formed international programs that merge visual art and music in competitions. “Colors of Life, Music” is designed for composers and performers, where they apply the sound to their chosen visual art that best interprets the score and arrangement.

     The entry deadline is February 1, 2011 and one does not have to be a technical genius to submit their work. “It is quite easy, but you have to register first, “says Larisa Pilinsky. “The rest is just a matter of uploading your work.”

Larisa Pilinsky

      The competition is not about LGO, but about each artist and musician and what they personally see and feel about the colors of life in a different way. According to LGO in more detail, they “work to increase the visibility of talented artists from around the world and foster appreciation of art by teaching people of all ages…”

     Juried by noted professionals, including LGO’s Laurence Vittes, a 40-year veteran as a music and performing arts critic, is a contributor for Gramophone, the Hollywood Reporter, Strings, HuffPost Arts, Music Web International and Audiophile Audition.  In addition, he also hosts classical music supper club concerts in California at “Live at the Lounge” in Hermosa Beach and Classical Underground concerts in Torrance.

     Winners will be visually embedded online with the inspirational artwork and showcased on LGO linked to their own websites for a year. Also, the three winners in music competition will receive an individually designed web page plus free web hosting for one year. In addition, the three winners and seven Honorary Mentions in music competition will also participate in one of LGO’s brick and mortar exhibitions and music events in March 2011.

     For more information on LarkGallery Online and its programs, including submission to “Colors of Life, Music” competition, see www.larkgalleryonline.com.

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  1. On behalf of LarkGallery Online, I am humbled by AAPJ’s support of LGO and its programs, as well as its endearment to our Missions. Lark


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