Small Works Auction pays forward

     (PNAN-MT) – This year the Yellowstone Art Museum and the Yellowstone AIDS Project in Billings have united with the addition of a special segment of the Small Works Auction, which is held during the annual Christmas Stroll and Artwalk holiday programming. The “Miniature Masterpiece Mystery” are original artworks have been created especially for this venue by well-known artists, and the mystery is to guess the artist, although each piece has the artist’s signature on the back of their work. 

      Works have been created using a various mediums: oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography, pottery, wood, glass, paper, jewelry and more.  Each work is no larger than twelve inches in size and available for purchase during the auction on Friday, December 3, from 5:00-9:00 pm. A percentage of the proceeds from the Miniature Masterpiece Mystery will be used to provide a YAM Art Scholarship to a child who has been affected by AIDS.

One of many works on the auction block

     The Yellowstone Aids Project has already selected the recipient of the scholarship, and though the child and the family will remain anonymous, their story is not unfamiliar to many:

     “Born and raised in a home where her mother was on the receiving end of domestic violence, she grew up believing that what she thought and saw was normal.  As with most women who are products of domestic violence in the home, as an adult, she entered into a similar relationship with a man who was abusive;   later discovering he was also an intravenous drug user.  Finding refuge at a woman’s shelter, she received help without realizing it was too late for her, she already been infected with HIV.  She sought help to overcome her issues with domestic violence; went to college and became actively involved in community organizations.  Three years later, on two occasions, her six month old child became ill with pneumonia.  Medical professionals felt the baby’s immune system was not functioning properly and doctors encouraged HIV testing for her and her child.  Mom “Thanked God” her child did not test positive.  Today, as a single parent, mom struggles to provide for her family, not being able to provide much beyond the basics.  With every opportunity afforded to her, she encourages youth to stay safe.”

     Now a teenager, this child has a strong interest and passion for art, with little to no resources available to enrich this passion. The scholarship will include a full year of art education and art supplies.

     For more information, call 406.256-6804 or see

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