Yuletide decoration created the olden way

     (PNAN-ND) – Commissioned by the North Dakota Council on the Arts, Sue Jacobson picked up her paints, brushes and fired up her kiln and created an original fourth annual Special Edition Ornament.

     As genuine as daylight is to the morning sky, porcelain painting is an art that first began centuries ago in China, spreading throughout Europe and America. It is form of ceramics noted not only for its beauty, but also its strength, although it has a delicate appearance because of its clearness or how light can pass through.

     Artist Jacobson applied the same core principles in the work shown, where she meticulously paints each individual design several times. The paint is made from ground minerals and blended with flux. When heated in the kiln, the paint melts onto the glaze of the porcelain and with additional firings, layers of color to be painted one upon another; thusly, producing a depth that no other medium can do as they are fused onto the porcelain.

     A limited quantity has been produced and is available for $25.00 plus tax (includes gift box, shipping additional). Proceeds benefit the North Dakota Cultural Endowment Fund, which was created by the State Legislature in 1979 in providing artistic opportunities for citizens throughout the state of North Dakota. Call 701.328.7590 to order your timeless treasure.

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