Texas judge ‘frees’ 14 Mississippians

"All American Girl" by James Brantley

     (PNAN-MS) – Paintings, sculptures, photographs, tapestries are among a few of the disciplines for works of art. They are the most valued treasures of civilization; thusly it should be no wonder why people will line up for hours to view works by well-known artists. Once such event, the Mississippi Watercolor Society Grand National Watercolor Exhibition has opened recently where fifty-six paintings by 82 applicants from 24 states were chosen to grace the walls in the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson. This marks their 25th year installation and on view through January 1, 2011.

“Transition” by Cathy Hegman

     Juried by Judi Coffey, who is a Cypress, Texas native and past President of the Houston Watercolor Art Society, including a Signature Elite and one of the International Society of Experimental Artists, her role not only selected those works to be included, but also determines what paintings will receive cash awards, and she has picked the following:

     “All American Girl” by James Brantley of Opelika, Alabama was awarded the Arts in Mississippi Award $1500; “Transition” by Cathy Hegman, Bluff, Mississippi, Art Appreciation Award $1000; “Provincetown Boatyard” by Jane Stoddard, East Amherst, New York, Patron Award $800; “Three Persimmons”  by Chris Krupinski, Fairfax, Virginia, BancorpPlus Award $500; “Bowl of Marbles” by Soon Y. Warren, Fort Worth, Texas,  BankSouth Award $500; “Moroccan Market III” by Harry Shields, Richardson, Texas, Jan Schiller Smith Award $500; “Poppy Abstraction” by Marilynn Robinson, Northbrook, Illinois, First Commercial Bank Award $500; “First Love” by Bill James, Ocala, Florida, Gaddis Group Studio Award $500; and Honorable Mentions $100 went to: “Torrential Turquoise” by Ann Fitzgerald, Oakland, Tennessee; “Chateau Briand” by Carol Hubbard, Monroe, Connecticut; “Japanese Stone Lantern” by Eleanor Hughes, Jackson, Mississippi; “The Day the Earth Moved #2” by Ann Jordan, Kosciusko, Mississippi; and “Deep in the Desota” by Bobby Walters of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

“Provincetown Boatyard” by Jane Stoddard

     The other accepted quality works by Mississippians are: Vicki Armstrong, Brandon, “China Town”; Bebe Baldwin, Laurel, “Eggplant Parmesan”; Elke Briuer, Vicksburg, “Strolling in Navy Pier Park”; Regina Burckel, Jackson, “Docked”; Sandra Carpenter, Corinth, “The Sentinel”; Amber Carraway, Utica, “Checking In”; Dorothy Franck, Madison, “Traveling Man”; Dorothy Franck, Gulfport, “Waiting to go Home”; Jean Seymour, Jackson, “Birds of a Feather”; and with “Fish On” by  Sally M. Walton of Raymond.    

     “We welcome and encourage all Mississippians to view these original works of art.  All the paintings are by talented and passionate artists, many of whom are Mississippians.  The celebration of creation has always been a powerful source of joy throughout the state, and this competition exhibits not only the talent and creativity of individuals, but the solidarity shared between the artists involved,” said Museum Director Betsy Bradley.

     For more information, see www.msmuseumart.org or call the Museum at 601.960.1515; see www.mississippiwatercolor.org or email Tom Rietvelt, president@mississippiwatercolor.org or the MSWS Grand National Chairperson, Becky Mitchell, mitchellmail@windstream.net.

Editor’s note: The American Watercolor Society stakes claim as or if not the most prestigious watercolor society in the United States, and this past year Cathy Hegman was accepted as a Signature member, one of the few from Mississippi.

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