Spears hopes to ‘rise to the challenge’

     (PNAN-SC) – Host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno said, “If you think of life as like a big pie, you can try to hold the whole pie and kill yourself trying to keep it, or you can slice it up and give some to the people around you, and you still have plenty left for yourself.” Leno’s words should become quite transparent, a reminder when you read just the names of the artists participating in the Anderson Arts Center’s 28th Annual Arts Auction on Saturday, November 13.

     The ‘pie-dividers’ are not only artists who have donated original works for this major fundraiser, but also a lengthy list of community donors, sponsors and other service providers, stepping in with their contributions because the outcome provides support for Artist in Education, Art School, Art Camp, and gallery exhibit programs. “It is an exciting event every year and we hope to rise to the challenge of making the evening a memorable one,” said Executive Director Kimberly Spears.

     This one night only event is not just about Who Give Me 50 or the sound of the mallet that acknowledges sold, including an “exotic adventure in the beautiful Arts Warehouse” in downtown Anderson; moreover, it is about keeping the bar balanced and if the turnout is heavy; the community is guaranteed each year many distinctive programs go on and many new ones introduced, as well as free exhibits, special events, and a much more list that provides quality living for all residents and for many beyond its borders.

     For more information, including ticket prices call 864.222.2787 or email staceym@andersonarts.org  or see www.andersonarts.org.

     Participating South Carolina artists are: JoAnne Anderson, Patricia Bell, Allan S. Benson, Carlene Shuler Brown, Juan A. Brown, Lea Caler, Marion Harvey Carroll, John Davis, Taylor Dubeau, Barbara Mickelsen Ervin, Lynn Bevino Felts, Scott Foster, Myrl Garment, Tom Gibson, Ann Heard, Sybil Hill, Joe W. Holladay, Ruth Hopkins, Deane King, Kate Krause, Connie Lippert, Stacey A. McAdams, Larry McCollough, Carmen Melton, Marvin-Joe Merck, Guido Migiano, Jean Niles, Shelia O’Brien Noonan, Johnny Nutt, Stan O’Bannon, Nancy Perry, Gloria Root, Ray Richards, Polly Richardson, Gloria Root, Andréa M. Shoemaker, Diann Simms, Jake Simpson, Kathryn Smith, Liz Smith-Cox, Ellen Spainhour, Beti Strobeck, Breann Szmurlo, Christine Tedesco, Katie Tillman, Jane West, Diana R. Wickliffe, Heidi Wolko, and Barbara Yon.

“Providing a piece of art to the annual auction means that I freely give a bit of myself out of a pure love for art and community that includes the Arts Center, students, artists, teachers, potential collectors and mentors. I know that the monetary gain for the Arts Center and my community will last far longer than my art or this artist.” Diann Simms

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