Show to shine on works of time

     (NWPR) – On Friday, September 24, at Bear’s Mill, paintings by Evelyn Mahrt and along with cabinets crafted by Bruce Bayman are the exhibiting highlights that will be on view through October 24. The opening night reception is from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm.

     “Evie’s work expresses her personal vision, but her perspective is timeless and universal,” said Julie Clark of the Mill. “Almost no one looks at her evocative paintings without being transported to a beautiful place.” Bayman’s cabinets, although are created for practical use in today’s homes, his pieces are also timeless that bears the look of age of well-worn use. “Bruce’s high quality work is inspired by folk artists and cabinet makers of the past, and are produced with a regard for detail and finish not often found in today’s market,” said Clark.

     For more information, call 937.548.5112 or see:

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