Show to reveal works that push beyond

     (AAPNW) – Opening Tuesday, November 9, in conjunction with the 21st anniversary of the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio, “Six Solos” includes six independent exhibitions of the work by six rising international artists, that will be on view inside and outside the Center. The artists, Erwin Redl, Megan Geckler, Tobias Putrih/MOS, Gustavo Godoy, Katy Moran, and Joel Morrison all work in a wide range of media, from LED lights, stainless steel, flagging tape, plywood, paint, video, film, foam, and fiberglass.

     “The Wexner Center has a long history of supporting the production of new, often experimental work by younger artists looking for opportunities to push their practice in new directions, said WEX Director Sherri Geldin. “Each of the selected artists is on the cusp of greater renown, and we are particularly pleased to open this show on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the Wexner Center, which might well connote a modicum of institutional Maturity, but never creative complacency.”

     More information on each artistsRedl:; Geckler:;Putrih: and; Godoy:; Moran:; and;Morrison:; and the Wexner, see: or call 614.292.3535. The exhibit closes February 13, 2011.

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