Ben ‘unfolds’ his hands willingly

    (AAPNW) – Nashville resident Ben Folds wants to help the Nashville Symphony, which sustained an estimated $40 million in losses after its concert hall, Schermerhorn Symphony Center, was severely damaged by flooding in May. He will perform the benefit, “Keys to Music City” for the Nashville Symphony at Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Jackson Hall on Saturday, November 27.

     “The flood happened in a matter of hours, but digging out of it will take years,” said Folds. “This concert is an effort to help keep the recovery in the front of our minds and to help restore our great symphony hall. Of course, a donation to our first responders like our volunteer firemen is in order too, because without them the Middle Tennessee community would have lost so much more.”

     Led by guest conductor Francisco Noya, the orchestra will perform with Ben, and also a portion of proceeds from the concert will go to two local volunteer firefighting organizations: the Williamson County Rescue Squad and Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department.

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