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     (AAPNW) – New works by wood artist Tom Hawley goes on view during the fifth anniversary of the renovation of the Westcott House in Springfield, Ohio on Sunday, September 26. The Hawley exhibit, “Catalpa Bowls and Clocks: Frank Lloyd Wright House Anniversary Celebration” will consist of works made from the majestic catalpa tree that once stood behind the house and fell during Hurricane Ike in September 2008. “I worked with storm-damaged trees to create beauty from something that might have been otherwise wasted,” said Hawley. “I sketch on the wood, working with the grain lines and patterns to create shapes by those features and then cut and carve to accentuate the most beautiful patterns in the grain.”

     In conjunction, there will be a show of panoramic photos of Frank Lloyd Wright architecture by Thomas R. Schiff, including special guest, Eric Lloyd Wright, the grandson of Frank, who is also an architect. The Westcott House is one of about 260 Wright houses remaining in the world with eleven located in Ohio.    

"Ocufoil 6" walnut, maple, resin lens

 A current exhibit, “Ocufoils” at the Winds Café in Yellow Springs, features wall sculptures crafted of wood from local storm-damaged trees and resin lenses that Hawley shapes on a lathe and then polishes to optical clarity. These works, along with others will be shown during the Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour, Saturday, October 16 and Sunday the 17th from 11::00 am to 6:00 pm.

     For more information, see: or call 937.423.3545.

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