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Grisaille makes realistic painting easier »

Grisaille stage; Mims Studios atelier, NC, student copy after Jacques-Louis David' "Patroclus" - oil on linen 48" x 78" - wikipedia

Many artists have difficulty creating a full range of tones (lights and darks) using color.  They spend a lot…

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TM-V20N3-Paint Box Section-FW-08-09-1

About the Cover art when as published then 2008/09 Fall/Winter Edition. “Treasured Things”, 23″x 22″ 140 lb. cold press…

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The Bad Boy of Renaissance Art »

Amor Vincit Omnia. 1601–1602. Gemäldegalerie, Berlin. Caravaggio shows Cupid prevailing over all human endeavors: war, music, science, government.

     He lived not quite 37 years, but in that short span he was a rebel in both life…

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East and West creators to meet »

  Featuring the works of 35 leading ceramics artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, “Earth and Fire: The 3rd Southeast Asian Ceramics Symposium” opens in the Vulcan Gallery at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia from Friday, September 12 and remains on view through October 19, 2014. Editor’s…

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“shell monster”, porcelain, oxidation fired, hand built, 18”, by Vipoo Srivilasa, who is a Thai ceramic artist who currently resides in Australia. His works are permanent collections in museums and institutions in Australia, USA, Canada, Tasmania, and New South Wales.  His work has been published in many international magazines and books.  His works reflect the traditional blue and white wares of Thailand, in which he interprets into his own style. He is an important figure in connecting the Thai and Australian contemporary ceramic artists.

Artist’s works ’sirs’ with inner pulse »   While living in Russia, Padrick Bentley became immersed in the sights, sounds, history, myths and legends. Like the fabled Prince, he brought back with him the magical feather of the Firebird. His attempt to bring harmony to the discord of our age is steeped in revolutionary traditions.      Artist Bentley says about his…

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Artist's works sirs with inner pulse 01-11-15


There is a quote by Robert Kirby of the Utah County Journal which sums up all what I believe to be a rightful assessment of The Delphos Museum of Postal History and its founder, Gary Levitt, “The mark of a true professional is giving more than you get.” In my own recollections of my past…

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NY: Rochester »

  WHERE: Memorial Art Gallery. WHEN: On view through January 4, 2015. Golden Legacy: 65 Years of Golden Books BRIEF ABOUT: This major traveling exhibition represents the most extensive public showing ever of original illustration art from American publishing’s best loved picture-book series, Little Golden Books. Fifty-seven masterpieces of original illustration art by these and…

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Elizabeth Orton Jones, illustration for Little Red Riding Hood (1948). Random House, Inc. Gouache, watercolor, colored pencil and charcoal.

Dues’ works on view »

The Jason Dues Metal Art Exhibit is on view through February 12, 2015. There will be an opening reception Saturday, January 17 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.      The Collective Center of Arts Place is located at 142 East Spring Street, St. Marys, Ohio. The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 12:00-4:00 pm. For…

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Jason Dues Metal Art Exhibit

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In Step with Joan Crawford Barnes »

Stages 1-4 Daisy, Daisy        Inspired by color and high contrast in her paintings, Joan Crawford Barnes ( walks us through “Daisy, Daisy” in this four stage process.     …

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sunprint-by pat rayman2

In Step with Pat Rayman »

  Making Leaf Sun Prints      This is a fun technique that leads to a lot of creativity.      Tape a piece of watercolor paper to a board; hot pressed…

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Salt texture watercolor steps-DH

In Step with Deb Henkener »

     Please pass the salt!          Nature paints our trees with a broad brush of earthy autumn colors. Fall leaves are favorite subjects for many watercolor artists, and the perfect project to try a salt…

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Hands up! »


     When it comes to drawing people, many artists do pretty well at getting the head, body, arms and legs to look…

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Why and how artists sight off a pencil »

Illustration by Kay Sluterbeck

      When an artist is shown in a cartoon, he or she is often shown with their arm stuck straight out,…

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Cartooning the New Year’s Baby »

new years baby-KRS-AAPJ

     Recently several people asked me how to draw cartoons.  There are a lot of good books with information on cartooning, but…

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Quick, easy and fun art »

     Have you ever used one of those Easter egg coloring kits from the supermarket, the ones that come with a small…

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Click it and paint it »

     People sometimes ask if it’s all right for artists to use photos as reference for paintings or drawings.  It is as…

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Keep it moving! »

Kay Sluterbeck shows how it is possible to show movement even in a simple line drawing.

     Although still life, landscape, and portraits (which all show things that are NOT moving) will always be popular, artists also paint…

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Taking a line for a walk »

(1) outline drawing; (2) accented outline combined with broken outline.  Notice how the accent and broken line in drawing 2 give it more interest.

     The act of drawing has been described as “Taking a line for a walk.”  Outline drawing is the best example of…

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A bold new face to paper marbling »

     Someone said: “Curiosity is the key to creativity.” However, whiskers and flour aren’t required to be creative using this method of…

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Framing great-great-grandma, etc. » Framed! And lookin’ good… » Toning it up – or down » In Step with Pat Rayman » Fantasy art lets artists create worlds » Drawing for a painting » What did the artist see in that? » Black and white challenges » Colored pencils are fun as crayons » The picture you draw every day »

Reviews - Books

A childhood memory of love and lols »


     Records in print, whether they be books, journals, photographs or paintings are visual aids by which the eye and the heart…

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A novel with a forever touching spirit »


“Petey” is a young adult book which is about children born in the early 1900s with “deficiencies” and are thought to be…

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A new ‘bouquet’ »

CC-Lead book jacket

     There is a saying that deals with fine wine from Othello, II. iii. (315) by William Shakespeare (1564-1616):  It goes, “Good…

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Nashville! Nashville! ´Little Giant´ tells it his way »

stan hitchcock book cover

     Stan Hitchcock´s “At The Corner of Music Row and Memory Lane” is a book that recants the many paths he has…

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New book should come with warning »

CC-Lead book jacket

     Nita Leland’s art books are informative, adventurous and fun. Her latest accomplishment, “New Creative Collage Techniques” is another jewel in her…

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Sam´s book is a chef´s palette »


     I find it amazing how several hefty handfuls of wheat grains can take on other visual forms in a variety as…

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Award-winner talks on Leland book »

"Urban Jungle" 8.5 x 11 in. collage by Kay Sluterbeck

At the beginning of her book “New Creative Collage Techniques,” Nita Leland says, “Collage is like an amusement park with something for…

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They rode on angelic wings »

Prisoners of Hope jacket

     Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry are two faithful women, who decided to bring a better life and a little hope to…

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‘Historian´ spotlights legendary songster of rhythm »


     Francesco Paolo LoVecchio aka “Mr. Steel Tonsils”,”Old Leather Lungs”, and “Mr. Rhythm”, but mostly known as Frankie Laine (1930-2007) has been…

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Fiction I really felt »

christmasathar-mcarlson jacket

     Author Melody Carlson creates such believable characters; I could actually feel their trials and triumphs, such as in “Christmas at Harringtons”…

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Could be a multi-cultural film starring the Pitts » Storyteller ‘crumbs’ are delicious » A book with many revelations . . . . . . »
Hasari, a three-year-old cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), at White Oak Conservation Center. Image copyrighted Joel Sartore.

A ‘rare’ experience »

I will never forget a lecture series in April 2013 at the Niswonger Performing Arts Center of Northwest Ohio. National Geographic nature photographer, Joel Sartore gave an inspiring talk with…

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Winslow Homer, Kate Jennings

A treasured time »

One of my greatest anticipations during the summer is a journey to the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts with my sister. The Clark is located on…

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‘War boy’ story needs told on the big screen »

     There is no surrealism in my findings in this Holocaust survivor’s life, other than the word or a form of it has been used so many times in this…

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masterpieces of American Moderism book jacket

A modern ‘masterpiece’ in print »

As an artist and educator, I was hugely impressed with the book, “Masterpieces of American Modernism: From the Vilcek Foundation” by art historians William C. Agee and Lewis Kachur with…

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